Muscle Building Vitamins Reviewed by admin on . What You Need To Know About Muscle Building Vitamins As a beginner or even an intermediate weight lifter, you are probably spending no less than three hours a w What You Need To Know About Muscle Building Vitamins As a beginner or even an intermediate weight lifter, you are probably spending no less than three hours a w Rating:
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Muscle Building Vitamins

What You Need To Know About Muscle Building Vitamins

As a beginner or even an intermediate weight lifter, you are probably spending no less than three hours a week at the gym.  All this effort can be in vain, as you may be limiting your muscle potential growth, by not providing your body with the proper muscle building vitamins.

The problem is that too many people forget a very important aspect of building muscle.  That is they aren’t using a high quality multi-vitamin or specific muscle building vitamins.  It simply may be because they don’t know they should or they don’t see the results that they can gain, clearly printed on the bottle.

Below, I will explain what muscle building vitamins that everyone should be taking, young or old, new or experienced.  These vitamins are necessary for your body to function on a daily basis, let alone build much quickly and safely.

In simple terms your body is a large organic engine, made up of hundred of thousand of chemical reactions.

Each of these reactions happen at the micro scope level and is fuelled by proteins called enzymes.  In order for an enzyme to create an reaction it requires a fuel, and that fuel is a “co-enzyme”.  This co-enzyme will alter the shape of an enzyme and allow it to do it specific job.  Co-enzymes are more commonly known as vitamins.

So it comes down to the basics, and that is vitamins are the fuel that our body needs in order to create and keep all the chemical reactions going on in our body.

Looking at this from a weight lifters prospective, vitamins play an important role in our metabolism, bodies health and a vital part in the overall muscle building process

Here is a list of the major vitamins and the ways in which they will aid you both in and out of the gym…

Vitamin A – Is crucial to the process of protein synthesis where individual amino acids are combined to form new muscle tissue. It also helps the body to produce glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrates within the body.

Vitamin B1 – Also known as “thiamine” and is heavily involved in protein metabolism as well as the production of hemoglobin which helps to carry oxygen around the body.

Vitamin B2 - Also known as “riboflavin” and aids in the fat burning process as well as helping the body to produce energy from carbohydrates.

Vitamin B3 – Also known as “niacin” and increases vasodilation within the muscle tissue, helping you to appear fuller and more vascular.

Vitamin B6 – Also known as “pyridoxine” and is very important because of its effect on protein digestion. Muscle-building diets require larger than normal amounts of protein, and this means that your body needs a higher amount of vitamin B6 than the average Joe.

Vitamin B12 – Also known as “cobalamin”, vitamin b12 ensures that the brain and muscle tissue are communicating efficiently and this has a direct effect on muscle growth and coordination.

Biotin – Helps the body metabolize amino acids and produce energy during workouts.

Vitamin C – Heavily involved in amino acid metabolism and the formation of collagen. Collagen is found in your connective tissue and keeps your joints strong and healthy. Vitamin C also plays a role in the production of steroid hormones in the body and also enhances the absorption of iron. On top of all of this, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which flushes out free radicals and prevents damage to your body cells.

Vitamin D – Helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus more efficiently. Calcium is very important during muscle contractions and also helps to maintain strong bones and joints. Phosphorus is involved in the synthesis of ATP, the usable form of energy within the body.

Vitamin E – A very powerful antioxidant which helps to hunt out and neutralize free radicals. This will help to flush out many of the natural metabolic waste products your body produces and maintain the health of your cell membranes.

As you can see, our bodies need a wide variety of high quality vitamins.

All of these vitamins are playing an important role when it comes to our daily functions and especially losing weight, building muscle and gaining strength.  The harder you train the more vitamins your body is going to require, as you are depleting them faster during a high intensity workout.

All these vitamins can come from our daily meals; however, with the quality of food, availably of seasonal food.  Even eating high calorie diets requires us to take in more vitamins to help digest our food.

It is a good idea to start incorporating a high quality multi-vitamin into your workout routine.  If you are lacking in just one of these vitamins, you can literally affect thousands of small process in your body.

Consuming a high quality high-potency multi vitamin each morning will help out in more ways than one, you may not notice or feel it.  but I guarantee you that your body will and it will be thanking you.

So taking muscle building vitamins is necessity to build muscle quickly and safely.

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